Have a look at this extraordinary interview of Senior Republican Senator from Nebraska, Charles "Chuck" Hagel. 

About the Middle-East:
Sen. Hagel: "Every country in the Middle East is as combustible as it’s been probably in the history of the Middle East. And there’s been no strategic context from this administration on anything. It’s all about tactics. And that is what I think, more than anything else, has gotten us in the mess that we’re in today."

Having General Petraeus testify to Congress about President Bush’s "Surge" success:
Sen. Hagel: "Well, it’s not only a dirty trick, but it’s dishonest, it’s hypocritical, it’s dangerous and irresponsible. The fact is, this is not Petraeus’ policy. It’s Bush’s policy. And the military – it’s certainly very clear in the Constitution – is there, subservient to the elected public officials of this country. And I think we all agree on that. Certainly, the military does.

But, to put our military in a position that this administration has put them in, is just wrong. And it’s dangerous. And, of course, it’s obvious what – what they’re doing. Very transparent. The military – that institution, our armed forces – has the highest job approval, trust credibility rating of any institution in America. And it should. These are remarkable people."

About the current state of the Republican Party:
Sen Hagel: "Oh, I think it’s been hijacked by incompetency. I think that’s what has driven the Republican Party right off the cliff. And we are not who we say we are. And that’s, at best, dishonest. We’ve run up the biggest budget debt since FDR, and he had an excuse, and that was a world war and a depression.

But, we are going to see, I think, over the next few years – and this election next year, Bill, will begin a re-orientation of our party, both parties, American politics. The American people will demand it.

The one sure thing about this country, I think, more than any one thing over the last 200 years, aside from the fact that we’re a nation of laws, is the good sense of the American people. And elections are about self-corrections. And we will self-correct."

On the Iraq fiasco:
Sen. Hagel: "But, I think this – this war policy, where we are today, and the continuation of this policy, is the biggest foreign policy blunder in the history of our country, and we’re going to pay a very high price for this."

You can watch this remarkably frank exchange here: