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Various points

Point 1: After John Edwards’ endorsement for Senator Obama it’s now only a matter of time before Senator Clinton will drop out. She has not run a graceful campaign and has not helped her image with this writer.  It looks like her ship has finally sunk.

Point 2: President Bush is a complete moron. It takes a lot of stupidity and malice to attend Israel’s 60-year anniversary and use that celebration as a platform for an attack on the domestic competition. Goes to show it does not pay to elect one of the dimmer members of society to run the same. By-the-way: The Palestinian...Continue Reading »

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War is terrorism with a larger budget

Very true. Noam Chomsky regularly makes this point and it stands to reason that his world view reflects reality better than the U.S. official media’s pervasive propaganda efforts. For a fair and balanced view of "the world’s" international terrorism Most Wanted List see this excellent article.

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