Had a little time on my hands this morning and scanned some right-wing blogs (see list below). To my surprise the consensus on the right fringe seems the be that Barack Obama is some kind of leftist. Huh? Can think of two explanations for this lack of fact-based thinking:

a) Painting Obama as a leftist will scare voters away and make him unelectable, i.e., its a conscious strategy to influence the election.

b) Right-wingers have lost all connection with reality as it exists and actually believe that Barack Obama is Che Guevara re-incarnated.

I think you have to be far out in right field to view Senator Obama as some kind of leftist. Obama is a centrist. That’s why he has a chance of being elected. Obama will very likely be the next president  of my country, even though he as lost my active support due to his vote in favor of the odious FISA "compromise" bill.

Europeans are VERY enthusiastic about a prospective Obama presidency. I was in Germany recently and heard nothing but praise for Obama. The consensus there is that ANYTHING is better than the current U.S. executive leadership, so the hurdles and expectations for Obama are low and easy to top. One of my German friends told me that he personally believes that a black (or semi-black) candidate will not be able to win a Presidential election in the U.S., no matter how dismal the performance of his opponent. He said that "people may profess to support him, but when they enter the privacy of a voting booth, they will not vote for him". I bet 5 dollars against that assessment. We shall see.

Small sample of sites that portrait Obama as a leftist, comparable to Che Guevara. Amusing, I think.