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Archive for September, 2008

Pentagon Bailout

This morning there was agreement (which still has to get receive House and Senate approval) on the Financial Bailout (ahhm….Financial “Rescue”) deal for U.S. financial institutions. This thing is deeply unpopular with U.S. taxpayers resulting in some political grandstanding from our “fiscally conservative” (seriously) Republican friends in Congress. Democrats have by-and-large accepted this deal that now includes some Congressional oversight provisions, the fig-leave limits of executive pay, but other than that pretty much gives Treasury Secretary Paulson what he...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 29 Sep 2008 08:26 No Comments

Is the U.S. "War" on Terror successful?

Apparently not so much. The U.S.-led “war on terrorism” is not weakening al Qaeda, a majority of respondents in a massive global BBC poll believe. See also this recent post.

Politics and Society JJG 29 Sep 2008 07:42 No Comments

Why did George Bush run the country into the ground?

Me thinks that he is simply an incompetent sociopath. But for some more hilarious explanations see this article in which readers contribute their own take on why Bush effectively bankrupted this country.

Politics and Society JJG 24 Sep 2008 14:58 No Comments

Oil price will go up, watch it!

Here’s a little common-sense prediction: It currently looks like the U.S. taxpayer (against my better advice) will bail out the U.S. financial sector (i.e., all those non-productive capitalist parasites at Wall Street) at the official tune of $700 billion. We all know that this figure is just an estimate and that the true cost of this historic fascist-government...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 22 Sep 2008 20:34 1 Comment

Want some more problems? Here goes…

The French opposition today withdrew its support for the France’s military deployment in Afghanistan, calling the mission there an unwinnable “war of occupation”. If civilian and military casualties continue to escalate  in this most nightmarish of states Germany will follow. Who is going to be left to “finish the mission”, whatever the heck the mission really is? The U.S. under the next president, that’s who.

I always thought that no person in their right mind...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 22 Sep 2008 14:10 No Comments

A one-party government

That is what the U.S. has. It has Republicans representing the interests of big business and corporations, and it has “Democrats” (the Republican-light party) representing the interests of big business and corporations. The sole purpose for the existence of the “Democratic” party is to give the voter the illusion of choice. There really is no choice, just the illusion. It’s a clever system, much more so than Communism, Fascism or any other sort of totalitarianism. As the late George Carlin...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 21 Sep 2008 19:44 No Comments

Busy creating new enemies

That’s what the outgoing Bush administration is doing by allowing the U.S. military to conduct offensive actions in another sovereign country…namely Pakistan. What would the U.S. leadership say if Russia were to launch air strikes on Georgia under the pretext of destroying terrorist cells and protecting national security interests….oh, wait, we know that answers already.

WASHINGTON, 17 Sep (IPS) – The George W. Bush administration’s decision to launch commando raids and step up missiles strikes against Taliban and al Qaeda figures in the tribal...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 20 Sep 2008 15:00 1 Comment

Support our Troops!

Seen this bumper sticker today? What does it signify to you? That the person driving in front to you has felt it necessary, or at least in good taste, to publicly state that they support the U.S. military.

At least to the tune of purchasing a “Made in China” bumper sticker and pasting it on their car. My guess is that by pasting this symbol on their vehicle, many people feel that they actually are doing something for their country via a show of solidarity....Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 20 Sep 2008 15:00 No Comments

Don’t waste my money

As a frequent tax payer I am pretty upset that the policies of a government that I have not elected have created a financial situation that I am now asked to clean up with my taxpayer money. So I’m happy to read this post of Senator Bernie Sanders, who has some very good and specific suggestions as to what we should do about minimizing the ill effects of our government’s actions on middle-class taxpayers like myself…here goes:

(1) The people...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 19 Sep 2008 22:02 1 Comment

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