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With the 2010 income tax season fast approaching why not have a look how our wise Government spends those hard-earned tax dollars? Here the big picture:


Let’s see…about 45% of each tax dollar goes to the Military. Not bad. Good thing our wise...Continue Reading »

Politics and Society JJG 28 Jan 2010 12:50 No Comments

VUndo Virus

Infected Windows PC at work. Some clueless user “caught” the VUndo.F variant leading to NTdetect not found and eternal reboot cycle.

First locate copy of WinXP cd, then boot from cd and repair the installation. This will at least lead to a bootable PC which is still infected with the Trojan VUndo.

Usually files Rundll32.exe, iExplore.exe are infected. An infected dll (in my case named “nohiyizi.dll”) was present in \system32\. VUndo does not allow other processes to create directories; it will delete these right after creation. Thus installation of anti...Continue Reading »

Computer Tech JJG 19 Jan 2010 12:40 No Comments

Disaster in Haiti

It is clear that God hates poor people. Case in point: Haiti. Please donate to relieve the human suffering….

Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti


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