Have been following this story for a while. Think that Swedish and British Authorities, with the odious and revengeful hand of the U.S. “legal system” in the background are in danger of making fools of themselves. What crime is Mr. Assange accused of? None. Why is he wanted for questioning by Swedish authorities? For not using a condom. He denies this grave charge. Hope that every man accused of failing to use a condom will be treated like Mr. Assange. This will sure boost Trojan Condom sales.

Moral of this story: If you piss off governments by publishing accurate information that they’d rather keep secret, if you bring war crimes and abuse into the open and behave like a true journalist, then you better not sleep around at the same time, or else you are the one who is going to get fucked.

This former British MI5 employee said it best: Witch Hunt.


Keep supporting Wikileaks and other true journalists. Democracy depends on accurate and freely available information. Secrecy is antithetical to a democratic society.