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George McGovern: Impeach Bush and Cheney

Using yesterday’s Washington Post’s op-ed pages, ex-Democratic presidential candidate, George McGovern, said this about the current US executive leadership. George_McGovern...Continue Reading »

Flying &Politics and Society JJG 07 Jan 2008 15:50 No Comments

G1000 Glass cockpit transition

On Wednesday of last week I finally did the G1000 checkout ride. Initially I was unsure how many hours of actual flight training would be required in my case for the instructor to sign the G1000 transition endorsement. As it turned out a short cross country flight was sufficient. I had already trained with MS FSX and Garmin’s own PC-based simulator software and was a little more at home with the knob-twisting and button-pushing routines required to operate the G1000 than my instructor. As a training exercise...Continue Reading »

Flying JJG 03 Dec 2007 15:50 No Comments

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Update Service Pack 1 – Get it now

In keeping with established Microsoft traditions, it has released a complete re-build of the Flight Simulator X (FSX) game engine, humbly dubbed "Service Pack 1", that now makes the simulation usable and great fun for the first time. On my game PC (dual-core 2GHz Intel processor, 2GB RAM, 256 NVidia Graphics Card) the performance enhancement is at least a factor of two. Turns out that Microsoft added multi-core support and optimized DirectX calls throughout the simulation. The original FSX sucked badly. "Sucked" is a technical programming term but means the same as the street...Continue Reading »

Computer Tech &Flying JJG 15 Nov 2007 12:10 No Comments

Glass Cockpit

After receiving my pilot certificate and flying around the NYC area on a regular basis for about two years, the thrill of it all has worn off a little.

The_Lady_August2006 ...Continue Reading »

Flying JJG 09 Nov 2007 10:30 1 Comment

Complex airplane endrosement

Received the complex airplane endorsement today. During the final lesson my instructor had me do two simulated engine out emergency procedures and tried to distract in other ways my attention away from the essential tasks of flying the plane and following standard emergency procedures. But to no avail. Things went ok and after three lessons she signed the complex airplane endorsement section in my logbook. I am now able to fly more efficiently and more comfortably to more remote locations. This may come in handy for some business trips. Mostly...Continue Reading »

Flying JJG 04 Sep 2007 21:00 No Comments

Complex Airplane Endorsement instead of BFR.

Instead of the Biennial Flight Review (BFR), I’ve decided to train for the Complex Airplane Endorsement as per FAR 61.31. The plane I am using is a vintage 1980 Cessna 172 Cutlass RG. I’ve familiarized myself with the plane’s specifications (v-speeds, weights, cg-limits, fuel, etc.), have studied the 172RG’s ...Continue Reading »

Flying JJG 28 Aug 2007 11:34 No Comments

Private Pilot Check Ride Report

As a birthday gift my then girlfriend had given me a “Gift of Flight” certificate from a nearby flight school. Flying has always been an interest of mine but work and family commitments had so far prevented me from getting “serious” about it. The intro flight was done by a young instructor who was building time towards his ATP certificate. The flight took place in blustery winds and I was hooked. The instructor “danced” on the pedals during the landing to keep the small Cessna 172 Skyhawk on the narrow runway. This was in July.

At the beginning of April of the following year,...Continue Reading »

Flying JJG 24 Aug 2007 22:14 2 Comments